Sponsored Projects

Circus Monoxide, with the help of our sponsors, supports several special projects:

Youth At Risk Program – in 2013, with the support of the Harold Mitchell Foundation, Circus Monoxide launched it’s Youth at Risk Program. Working with Corrimal High School, Wollongong Flexible Learning Centre and Alesco Learning Centre CM was able to help address issues with self-confidence and self-esteem, engagement and attendence.

“…the kids really got engaged in it. They were prepared to try and prepared to fail… prepared to get up again and have another go, which is really unusual for our kids. I was in trepidation on how it would go and it was a raging success and turned them around” – Rhonda Thearle, Principal of the Alesco Learning Centre.

In 2014, CM is continuing this work with Corrimal High School and Wollongong Flexible Learning Centre.

For more information on this program and to find out how you can help support it please click here.

Dapto High School – Wollemi Unit: Wollemi is Dapto High School’s Autism Support Unit. Since 2010 students have attended CM for Term 2 and 3 for an hour a week learning a variety of circus skills ending the program each year with a show and tell performance (increasingly demanding from year to year).

In 2014 Students are working towards producing a show to be held 19th September.

…the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder means that our students have deficits in social and emotional development. They are often reluctant or unable to engage in physical team sports but somehow circus captures their attention and has made them willing to try something new. A focus on specific work skills each workshop session including safety, learning, motivation and engagement has given further openings to reinforce and develop skills that are vital for the workplace… (In 2013) all performed at a ‘show and tell’ performance for family, friends and staff from school, some in full costume, others with a more relaxed approach. But for all, there was obvious demonstration of self-esteem and engagement in the world beyond their own.” Fiona Mckay, Autism Support Teacher, Dapto High School

CM has sponsored this program with the help of Arts NSW. Dapto High teachers and students have fundraised and enlisted the help of Dapto Rotary to help cover additional costs.

If you would like to support this program please contact us by clicking here.