The One Really Circus Show (2016)

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Days End (2015)

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Do you heart the Gong? How far would you go to show it? Join this Wollongong made circus family in a mad-capped journey to prove their love for the Gong. Watch as the stakes get higher and higher in an unwinnable battle of love verses love…verses love… Incredible, death-defying, jaw droppingly beautiful and above all hilarious entertainment for all the family.

You don’t need to leave the Gong to see some of the world’s finest circus performers. In Circus Monoxide’s new show, “Going, Going Gong!”, created for the Under the Big Top Festival, 2012 we have gathered them together under one big top for your convenience!

Featuring Nat Harris (Quidam, Cirqu du Soleil), Robbie Curtis (Legs on a Wall, C!rca) along with a  host of the finest globe-trotting circus performers: Tamara Campbell, Dave Evans, Ben Bryant, Neisha Murphy, Kristina Dzelmanis.



Welcome to a world where logic is a foreign language and falling down is an absolute must. In Live IT, life is ruled by the moment, it is like stepping into the mind of a child, where games are life and life is nothing but laughs.
Live IT is high-class physical comedy, mixed with quick wit and all the thrills and spills of circus skills wrapped in a sensual package. The show culminates in the leap of death that is momentarily thwarted by an audience full of love singing a happy song.
Live IT is interactive 4D Circus where smell, taste and touch rule the world.  The crazy, reckless, hilarious clowns that live this farcical journey are obsessed with their mission – to live life, experiencing all and sharing all. They manage this whilst still blowing your mind with their fabulously dangerous tricks. You will be ducking for cover as they slingshot a clown straight into the audience, crying in pain when the body contorts it’s way through spaces that it’s not meant to be in, wiping your brow as the sweat of the competitors in the “clown world wrestling championships” hits your face and digging deep into your pockets to place a bet on your favourite fool.
You won’t be able to resist the rivalry, the love and the stupidity of this touching story about being alive. The bossy aerial antics from the evil clown or the slack rope tensions with the ridiculous clown ukulele orchestra’s musical musings, regardless of the piece, you will drink in the laughs.
While Live IT is an amazing exhibition of physical skill, it is also a truly beautiful display of interactive theatre that brings the audience and the performers together.
Hoopla Festival Darling Harbour Sydney  The Big Top: 5th,7th & 8th APRIL @ 8:30pm Adults: $20 Concessions $10 So, come fly with us, smell the farts, eat lots of sugar and touch strangers on the bottom, we may even bring out the blindfold and let the clowns get sexy.
Whatever happens, we promise to bring you back to life – the good life that is.
Check out the interview on ABC: HTTP://WWW.ABC.NET.AU/LOCAL/AUDIO/2012/04/03/3470073.HTM?SITE=SYDNEY


This show combines the skills of the big top with the power of theatre.
There are scenes here that will lodge in your mind for months. Best of all, it’s beautifully subversive.”
-  William Verity, Illawara Mercury
The pleasure of danger.  Glorious acts of defiance.
A man in 18th century sea captain’s costume sings for his life atop a tower of deck chairs. A neat-freak balances a metre-high jelly on her head. A sensible Dad is suddenly free in red sequins and make-up.
For no-one. For themselves…
Three ordinary people search for passion and a self buried deep in the dark…
A homage to the power of fantasy to get to the truth of the matter, superb & broken combines brilliant clowning with jaw-dropping aerial acrobatics by some of Australia’s finest circus artists.

Matt Wilson
Daniel Power
Mary Weir
 Alicia Battestini
 Nick Wishart
 Toby Knyvett


Encounters explored the lives and experiences of performers from Half High Circus with humerous, ridiculous and sublimely beautiful takes on how random encounters can change our lives. With acts developed primarily from the young artists themselves, ‘Encounters’ gave Half High students the opportunity to devise and create their own work under the guidance of artistic director Jane Davis.

CRASH & BURN (2005-2007)

Filled with huge acrobatics, gut-wrenchingly beautiful aerials, live music and inspired lunacy.
Funded by Arts NSW, this show toured regional NSW during 2005, 2006 & 2007.